Applying Focus to Your Dreams

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.30.02 AMToday, I lied in bed thinking, being lazy and not really doing anything productive.

I talked to myself about things I did, and started browsing around; doing small minuscule things that had no impact in the LARGER picture.

I’ve noticed that whenever I start dabbling in small minor tasks, that they ONLY lead to other small “accomplishments”. I didn’t really do much except send a few e-mails and essentially browse around for things to read into. I was completely side-tracked by my lack of focus.



I was in a small minded cycle.

A small minded cycle is a mindset in which you continually do small things and end up AVOIDING your own goals and dreams! For me it’s a my focus is to work towards my dream.

Whenever I focus on doing small things like checking Facebook, reading E-mails, browsing the web or just simply distracting myself, the outcome is the same. I ALWAYS end up doing something that is entirely irrelevant to my dreams. 

I realized that my mind shifted towards smaller goals. Instead of focusing on the larger pictures such as content, and writing and creating my attention was stuck to smaller perimeters.

When we do something small; our vision is small. We focus on the small. Our vision and perspective becomes limited.

  If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.
– Lawrence J. Peter

Do you ever feel that you are doing less than you CAN? That at times you just don’t want to do more because of the small cycle that we unfortunately get stuck inside.
When I work towards my goal/dream I feel at ease. I feel that a staircase is being created, and I’m working towards building my own foundation.  So whenever a new goal comes, you can take it ON knowing you’ve accomplished everything before!

When I take on a large task, something that takes a lot of time and effort and you complete it you realize a LARGER potential in yourself. You see that long-term self habits leads to results towards your aspirations and goals! Your view will expand!

But most importantly; we start to recognize how INSIGNIFICANT the small tasks are. You will care LESS about the small, and MORE about the BIG.

You will advance yourself in the right direction and start prioritizing towards larger goals!



  1.  Close the small stuff. Remove the small. Focus on your main task at hand. Any and all clutter that is in front of you, move. Anything that isn’t directly related to your goal; remove it. The key here is to have no visible distractions or impulses. When we don’t see something over a duration of time we forget about it. It’s not there to bother or bring up any thoughts, or pull us into the cycle again.
  2. Focus on your big goal. Write it down then tape it to your wall. If it’s not related then remove the rest. The idea is to get your mind focused on what you want and start doing! By writing this down you have a clear goal in mind and on paper. If you ever lose focus and you start to look around, you’ll have a safety in place. You will look up and only see your goal written down so you can stay on track.
  3. Take breaks, and watch. Since this is a new self habit, you are new to this. Your mind is bound to wander to the small things, like turn on your TV, check your Facebook, browse for youtube videos. Whenever these urges come, stop and take a break.  Just wait and watch. See your impulses arising. See how they try to shift your focus them. Watch how they try to cultivate into distraction.
  4. Persistence.There will be times when you cannot watch your urges and you will just check your Facebook, or do whatever it is. Just make sure after you have done this; you resume your focus on to your goals again. With time you will simplify and ease into your bigger goals!
  5. Rewards! For every hour of work on your bigger goals, take a 20 minute break and relax. Whatever your method for relaxing, or just taking a break make sure you do. If this is a new habit to you, take a 20 minute break every hour. The more you get used to doing this, you can increase your time focusing. When you feel ready, take a 20 minute break every hour and a half, and eventually 2 hours. The more you practice this self habit, the more control of your focus you allow. Take it slow, and do what works for you.

Think of what it is that you want to do. Break it down, create a list of necessary action in order to achieve your dream!

To achieve our goals and dreams, we have to have a concrete vision of what we want. We need to write it down and stay on track so we can act! A piece of paper is tangible, it is not just a thought or a discussion. You must take action in order to write down your goal. You set with a clear goal of what you want to work towards.

Once you see that you can work towards your goals by taking small steps in a larger way you will realize your own potential!

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
― Zig Ziglar

Until next time,



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