Behavioral Development: How to Create Lasting Change That Will Stick

Rome, Italy

  In the late 1960’s, psychologist Walter Mischel and Ebbe B. Ebbesen conducted a study popularly known as the “The Marshmallow Test”, in which children were presented with two choices. The purpose of this study was to understand deferred gratification, the ability to resist the temptation of an immediate reward and wait for a later… [Read More]

What I Learned This Year – 2014

22 AM

Focus on the journey, not the destination This year was quite a journey – a combination of both pleasure and pain. As it is almost time for the New Year, reflecting back on what I’ve done in a nutshell, I have managed to complete many goals including: improving my own habits, partaking in many adventures… [Read More]

Why You Need To Forget About Setting Goals

What matters most to you: enjoying what you do, or meeting your deadlines? I use the word deadlines because a goal is a deadline. It can be something you strive to do, finish, achieve or complete, meaning there is a end to it, exactly like a deadline. There is nothing wrong with having deadlines. Having… [Read More]