10 Ways to Successfully Continue a Habit

Failure is failure. It can be a tremendous learning tool. It can define who you are. How it affects you; is to your choosing. I’ve learned what hasn’t worked for me in the past year. With each failure I learned something. You learn how to overpass it, lose emphasis on “failure” and succeed. Failure is… [Read More]

How to Simplify and Do What You Love

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ― Confucius People may see simplicity as something of “boring”. It is the hardest thing that we can come to. It requires understanding and intelligence to not conform to a particular pattern. We get stuck in these patterns, and they turn into habits with time…. [Read More]

Applying Focus to Your Dreams

Today, I lied in bed thinking, being lazy and not really doing anything productive. I talked to myself about things I did, and started browsing around; doing small minuscule things that had no impact in the LARGER picture. I’ve noticed that whenever I start dabbling in small minor tasks, that they ONLY lead to other… [Read More]