Edit Yourself: Mass Media Overload


We absorb massive amounts of information. Think of how many things we involve ourselves with. We tune into television, newspapers, magazines, social media, entertainment, internet and so on. It’s overwhelming to extract and be influenced by that much information. For any person. Especially when we do it daily.  Most of it us useless or has… [Read More]

Edit Yourself: Declutter Your Life

What is clutter? Extra. Unnecessary. Crap that gathers dust. Call it what you may. Your home is a place where you should feel welcomed. It should be spacious. It should be a place where you can be. It should be a place where it’s easy to be productive and remain relaxed. It should cater to… [Read More]

Edit Yourself: Workspace

Whether this is your desk at home or work; we all have a tendency to add clutter that ends up gathering dust. Crap for short. Whether it is piles of notes, papers, calendars, clips, candy, pens, reminders are spread everywhere. I used to horde things from the store to my desk. It just kept piling… [Read More]