Mentally Resetting And Redefining Your Personal Values

After I got back from my 10-Day Vipassana meditation; I had troubles reintegrating back into society. For 10 days straight the only task I did was brushing my teeth; and by the end of to 10 days I had a brand new pair of dentures.

After a long, life-changing, and successful 10 days. I got thrown back into the busyness of  life. And I have to say it was strange, weird, and uncomfortable all at the same time. I was back in contact with: technology, people, noise; cars, the internet, exercising; reading, and everything in-between.

In addition to coming back to life (figuratively speaking), I felt like a brand new person. I now had the time to reflect, become aware of my environment; how I was managed my time, my friends; family, and of course my habits.

Even though I was able to participate in a life changing process, I was stuck with one big problem – a lack of direction. I didn’t know if what I thought I wanted was really what I wanted. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was doing, and if what I was doing actually gave me any joy..

I realized that in order to do what you love, you must have a clear path. Not having one meant it was time for me to make a change. I focused on mentally resetting, and redefining my personal values so I could establish a meaningful path for myself that I could ultimately share with others.

This was a very difficult process, but after a long talk with a wise friend of mine we decided that the best route was to take it slow, and not rush back into my old habits. So instead I started to relax, manage, and redefine my values so I could get a more concrete picture of what I wanted to do with my writing, my life, and myself as a person.

How I Made My Decisions And Redefined My Personal Values

  • When I first started I rushed immediately, and it only backfired. Don’t rush into making your decisions. They are important, so take your time with them, and discover what matters to you.
  • This post will describe, and outline the process that I used to relax, and manage my decisions – if you want to see the whole post –> click here.
  • In addition, I also used a journal to write down my ideas, values, and beliefs that I held to be true for myself.
  • Afterwards, I wrote down the most important question – “why” ; which questioned each idea, value, and belief that I had. This lead me to find a clear reasoning for my why.
  • And lastly, I went over my own system of values, ideas and beliefs with close friends so I could also receive external input, and hear their ideas and opinions.

After a few weeks of self-reflection, inquiry, reading; writing, redefining myself, and meditation I came to my conclusion.

Redefining My System

1. Linking My Own Values To Selfhabit

After defining my own values, and what I care about I now have a clear image of what I want to write about; and I’m interlinking my values to what Selfhabit is about. I have come up with this: “Selfhabit is about sharing practical ideas and proven methods for mastering your habits, increasing your productivity, and optimizing your health and happiness.”

Even though it’s a tagline, this is the structure of what I want Selfhabit to be about. It encompasses the mission of this website which is: “Simplify your lifestyle”

By having a clear idea of what this website is about, I will be able to follow the path I’ve laid out for myself, and stay on track (I know that I will fall, but I’ll get back up again :). This will include topics, and ideas about practical self-growth so it can be shared for the betterment of others.

Takeaway: If you know yourself, and what you care about, then apply those values to your work. Echo what you care about, and let it resonate into your personal goals, projects;  habits, and/or dreams.

2. Simplifying Selfhabit For You

I love what I do, and that allows me to: learn, teach, read, and write about simplifying lifestyles (amongst practical growth). I don’t like being a hypocrite, and saying one thing, and then going to do another. So to stick with my motto (simplifying) – I must apply the method of simplicity to Selfhabit.

Why? I want this to be the simplest way for you to digest information, apply it, and have a reading experience you can enjoy. I don’t want to add confusion to your life.

My goal is to make the reading experience simple (easy to read), clutter-free, and pleasurable.  **(This website started ad-free, and will remain so until forever. Seriously, who actually likes ads?)

Takeaway: Albert Einstein said it best: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” If you’re willing to put the time in – everything in your life can be made simpler, easier and more enjoyable.

3. Creating A Wonderful Community Where Knowledge Is Shared And Free

I want Selfhabit to be a community of like minded people where: wisdom, scientific studies, methods; tips, and practical techniques can be shared for free.  I plan to open up guest-posting, and allow others to share their life experiences, and practical knowledge on: habits, lifestyles, simplifying; happiness, health, and personal growth (and many more topics).

Takeaway: The work you do is more enjoyable, and rewarding when shared with others.

4. What’s In Store For The Future

  • Changing, and updating the pages on Selfhabit to further define my values, and show what I care about.
  • Removing “Copyright” , and letting anyone share my posts/ideas because I believe personal growth shouldn’t be copyright.
  • Adding guest posting to create a larger community of like-minded people; and sharing ideas for the growth of others.
  • Working on finishing my mini-book on: how to redefine your lifestyle, and sharing it for free.
  • My magic ball doesn’t let me see that far into the future, but there will be much more to come – I promise.

This mental reset has allowed me to reconnect with myself, and layout a path in front of me. During this time, I have created a system of values, and goals that I will strive to work towards.

This system will consist of both defined, and non-defined goals; which is to say that I won’t stress over deadlines, or goals; or finishing this or that, but I will focus on the process of doing what I enjoy; and most importantly doing what works best for me.

I look forward to our journey together.

– Dragos Bernat



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    Hey Dragos,

    What you describe here isn’t small potatoes!

    I hope your new strategy proves to be successful — and more importantly — one you’re motivated to sticking to over the long-term!

    “Selfhabit is about sharing practical ideas and proven methods for mastering your habits, increasing your productivity, and optimizing your health and happiness.”

    –Seems easy. But I know it took a considerable amount of thinking to crystallize it to this concise sentence/USP.

    Stay focused on the long-term. Keep thinking about how you can share value with the RIGHT people. A community is not built in a week or month.

    Best regards,

    • says

      Hey Ludvig!

      You’re right, and I feel I’ve grasped a better understanding of my own needs.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m definitely motivated to stick to it long-term because what I want to do isn’t a quick-fix scam. It’s a long, and lengthy process of personal development, and sharing practical ideas with others.

      I appreciate the kind words; it did take a while for that concise sentence (and have a few future ones I’m trying to perfect).

      A community will grow in time, and I’m okay waiting. There’s no rush on my end. I’m just going to keep trying to share, and help others.

      Thank you,


      P.S – I’ve tried commenting on your new post, and got classified as spam (tried 5 times).

      • says

        ” I’m definitely motivated to stick to it long-term because what I want to do isn’t a quick-fix scam. It’s a long, and lengthy process of personal development, and sharing practical ideas with others.”

        –Well said. I feel the same way. There’s enough of that crap already.

  2. says


    (By the way… you’ve got an awesome name.) Sounds like to me, it was an amazing 10 days. These types of get-aways are incredibly beneficial for body, mind, and spirit. Each time I go away and re-focus, I always come back re-charged.

    And if you think about it, today, we’re more advanced than any generation, but we’re also the most stressed-out as well. What modern society doesn’t like to hear, (but is true nonetheless) is that, in order to go forward— sometimes we’ve got to pull back. I think we all need the kind of ‘mental reset’ you described in this article. I know it sure has been a good reminder for me.



    • says

      Hey Rob,

      haha thanks! I know what you mean, it’s almost like a re-formatting of the self.

      You’re definitely correct in what you say. I believe the factor lies in instant gratification and our need to do everything so quickly that takes away from the enjoyment of everyday things.

      I’m happy it provided a reminder for you – thanks for adding to the discussion.



  3. says

    I love how you explain the process of building a ‘system’ for yourself, and especially your summation of what you’re going to aim to write about.

    “Selfhabit is about sharing practical ideas and proven methods for mastering your habits, increasing your productivity, and optimizing your health and happiness.”

    That’s a great, clear, concise statement that can be used to anchor and govern so much of how you’ll arrange your time and thoughts. I went through a similar process of reflection earlier this year, though minus the retreat and meditation, of seeking to clarify a definitive mandate for what I wan’t my aims and yes, blogging, to be about. I think having this kind of, well, vision statement I guess, is a powerful thing and something too few people do. It’s helped me to scrutinise the way I allocate and expend my resources – time, energy, skills, money etc. – and given me a consistent direction to progress in. I think without this it’s very easy to end up being very busy, without being very productive. Great post!

    • says

      Hey Micah,

      Really appreciate you checking out the post and sharing your input.

      Sometime soon there will be a post of how to create a system for yourself, as I believe the only thing that can truly work for a person is something that is created for him;and that works on a principle of personal support. There is no cookie-cutter system for anybody; that’s why you have to create one for yourself

      Spot on! Before I felt I was just writing things I had interest in, but there was no personal outline for me – or something I wanted to work towards (such as a book etc.) I couldn’t clearly define what my interests were which is why my writing would fluctuate between an array of topics.
      You’re right in saying it’s a powerful task that will help you choose which way you want to go; and as you stated help you stay productive without just keeping busy.

      When you went through this process, what did you define for yourself?

      – Dragos

  4. says

    Hi Dragos,
    Its an intersesting moment for me to raed your take on values.
    I respect that .
    Because i have my own take on values in life.
    I think questions are critical in clearing a lot of “wool” in our heads.
    I ask questions and get answers that help me move ahead.
    Here are some…
    Are your circumstances supremely powerful?

    Do they have the supreme charge of deciding what kind of a personality you will acquire finally?

    Or are you in charge of your poise self development?

    Eventually you realize that life not just about adding more to your inventory of possessions,knowledge,power,physical looks,or fame .It is much more about striking a consistent balance while meeting the hum and throb of the world as we walk the corridors of our ticking years.

    This balance is not only beneficial ,it is positively essential to remain in top emotional shape.The shape that invites long term happiness.


    • says

      Hey Mona,

      “Are your circumstances supremely powerful?”
      They are powerful in their own way. The circumstances I am in effect me from day to day, but they will be changing shortly (ie. environment)

      “Do they have the supreme charge of deciding what kind of a personality you will acquire finally?”
      I think personality is constantly on-going, there is no final. The more information, social ques, and personal exploring you do, the more your personality develops.

      “Or are you in charge of your poise self development?”
      I don’t think I understand this question, if you can elaborate a little.

      Really interesting view point. I know that adding to your life isn’t going to make it by any means better. But with the quality I bring into my life, I always look for something I can remove so I can maintain balance you speak of. I’m always looking for ways to add as little as possible, and remove as much as I can. I know life isn’t in things, that’s why I seek to have as little as I can but still be able to remain functional.

      Thanks for contributing Mona,

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