Batch Your Similar Tasks To Save Time and Increase Your Productivty – #12

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 3.12.58 PMIntroduction: This will be a series about The 12 Most Important Productivity Habits. In each article only one habit will be discussed. This is to simplify reading and productivity. Focusing on one habit at a time allows for an effective practice. At the end of the series there will be a post summarizing all the productivity habits together.

Productivity Habit #12 – Batch similar tasks together.

The use of technology makes it easy for us to become distracted. Notifications, beeps, and updates can lead to becoming distracted and wasting our time. Constantly switching between tasks doesn’t mean being productive. It’s impossible to focus and concentrate when you are switching between tasks. To remain productive throughout the day; batch similar tasks together.

Whenever I write I always receive notifications through facebook, twitter or e-mails. This only leaves me with a curiosity to check in on what is happening. A hesitation to leave my work. To which I always do. My result is always the same. Nothing effective happens except achieving a new high-score on a facebook game.

So I now batch together similar tasks. If I need to write an article, send an important e-mail and write a letter for a friend; I batch them together. I see that they are all  related to writing. This means I can continually write and finish all writing related tasks.

  1. Make a list. Write down what you need to do for tomorrow. This way you can see all your tasks throughout the day.
  2. Batch. Circle the related tasks. When finished you should know what to do when starting a new batch.
  3. Prioritize. Set a priority to what you need to do. I would list my priorities as the following. My first would be to write an article. The second would be to send an important e-mail. The last would be to write a letter to a friend. Be critical when prioritizing. Ask yourself what takes precedence? What needs to be finished? Don’t waste your time on the small stuff.

This productivity habit allows for you to focus on one related task. Writing.

Batch together the smaller tasks.

These are the things that you don’t need to do. However you may want to do them. I know I do. Batch together your smaller tasks and stay productive.

I consider e-mails and social media to be interactive. It’s fun; but sometimes distraction can follow when we constantly switch between social media and e-mails. I now set a time in which I check all my e-mails and social media in one go. I choose to respond at one time. I start with facebook, move onto twitter and then reply to e-mails. This way I batch together all my social media and e-mails and manage to communicate with readers, friends and family while remaining productive!

This way my mind will know that I will check on my social media and e-mails. There is no doubt that I won’t get to it. So my endless worries and curiosity to check are gone.

Batch together your similar tasks, prioritize and stay productive. This will free up a lot of time to work towards your goals!

Until next time,

Dragos Bernat.

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