Why You Should Meditate

123Meditation isn’t some weird hippy thing. It’s not for monks only. And it has nothing to do with voodoo.

It’s about you. It’s about learning to calm your mind. It’s about understanding your inner-workings and going beyond thought.

Your mind is like a muscle. The more you practice the stronger it becomes. Which means you become stronger. Stronger mentally and emotionally. This means you can use your mind and not be used by the mind.

Can a mind that is constantly filled with thought have any clarity? Any clarity to see, experience and enjoy life as it is? Thoughts only conceptualize life.

We all lead busy lives, constantly moving around from place to place, doing things, and speeding through life. With the free time we have many of us distractions or entertainment to escape reality.

Slow down; it’s the only way to savor life.


By sitting in a quiet place away from distraction you are left with yourself. You allow time to yourself, for yourself. This is about you. It’s about listening to yourself. About becoming aware of what’s going on inside of your mind. Observing the self-talk inside. What you are thinking, your thoughts and the emotions you feel.

Meditation has taught me to value myself. I have learned to appreciate who I am by taking time to simply sit and meditate.

When you listen, you catch onto things. You see the patterns of your thoughts. You learn what is happening in the mind of yours. Learning about yourself allows you to have more awareness in your life. This means your actions come place of understanding.

If you do not learn about yourself are you not bound to act from a place that is involuntary? Unconscious and repetitive?

After meditating for almost a year now, I’ve reduced the mental noise by over 80%. There are no more repetitive thoughts. Thoughts about the past or future are rare. I am not longer dominated by thoughts.

I have learned to understand my thoughts and their pattern. I don’t take thoughts seriously anymore. I’ve stopped interacting with the mental noise that was always there.

The most important thing I have learned meditation was that I am not my thoughts. My thoughts do not define me.

Meditation has taught me so much about myself and life. Here are just a few reasons why I meditate:

  1. Being present. With less thinking, you become more present. There is less self-talk. You can actively think; in the moment. This means that you are seeing, watching and thinking about what is going on. You are present. Thoughts about the future slow down and stop reoccurring so much. There is no more clouding yourself with irrelevant thoughts that pull you away from the present. Thoughts about the past and future lose their control over the present moment.
  2. Gratitude and contentment. With the practice of meditation you learn you have enough. The less you think, the more you see. The more you see, the more you hear. The more you hear, understand. The more you understand, the more you realize. You realize how much you have, and how much there is. This is the foundation of living a life in which you are content.
  3. Fear and anxiety. I used to overthink every situation. Even situations that I never was apart of. These thoughts would overwhelm me and would not allow me to experience what was going on. I was nervous and uneasy about day to day situations. I would overthink and analyze everything. Even the simple things. I was living inside my head. It did not allow me to experience anything outside of comfort. I would rationalize everything with thoughts (which is like putting out a fire with more fire).
    • From meditating I have learned become present. More conscious of myself and mindful of what happening. It has allowed me to be where I am. My mind is no longer dominated by constant and repetitive thoughts.
    • By sitting; you sit with yourself. You listen to yourself. You become aware of your thoughts. The more you meditate the more you realize the repetition of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the reason for your fears and anxiety. Fear and anxiety correlate to how frequently your thoughts visit the future or past. The more thoughts you have, the more “thinking” will happen. It won’t be conscious thinking. It will be “thinking” about past or future. This will mean further fear and anxiety in your life.

Thoughts will shape your reality. This is why it is necessary to understand your thoughts. If you understand your thoughts then you can go beyond the dimension of thought. You can learn to stop taking your thoughts so seriously. If you understand, then thought will lose it’s power.

If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. You are this peace! You are happiness, find out. Where else will you find peace if not within you?  ~Papaji



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